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Cocktail Leadership

Sep 28, 2020

You run out of ramen money while earning your doctorate degree at Oxford University so return home ready to take up a research job.  Instead, you end up working in a steel factory and in less than 3 years become the Plant Manager and VP of Operations.  This is the place to put theory into practice.

In this episode, Kevin Withane speaks with Dr. Timothy Clark about:

  • Psychological safety and what it means
  • Why psychological safety is important today
  • How Tim became a leader
  • What leadership actually is
  • How leaders can adapt to lead with integrity

Tim is the author of The 4 Stages of Psychological Safety: Defining the Path to Innovation and Inclusion.  You can get it on Amazon or Barnes & Noble and other good book stores. 


You can find out more about Tim on the Cocktail Leadership blog here and you can find him on Linkedin here.

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